Plant selection

In addition to our own production from our farms, we scour the farms in west cameroon to find the best cocoa growers. We partner with the growers to build a steady network, of environment friendly cocoa beans, for our chocolate manufacturing.

Best Fruits

The best fruits deliver the best cocoa bean through a well executed process. Fresh beans are harvested and fermented, then spread on wooden elevated surface where the slow drying process take place under the sunlight. It is important to keep the drying process constant and away from pest under the watchful eyes of professionals.

Bean Sorting

Only the best cocoa beans make it into the process. On the basis of a set of strict criterias, we paintfully go through the process of, hand-selecting the cocoa bean we use to make chocolate.

Bean Roasting

We roast our cocoa bean slow and well, to preserve the right balance in taste and flavour, which will be passed to the chocolate bar. It is a very important process in our chocolate making process.

Shell Removal

Actually only the soft inside of the cocoa bean is use in our process to make chocolate. It is edible part of the bean. After roasting, we use a set of techiniques to break the beans and blow away the drye peel.

Grinding and mixing

With specialize equipments and techiniques we grind and mix the roasted peeled cocoa bean, along with sugar and other selected spices as needed, for a long time. Our goal is to bring out the flavor, the consistenly and smoothness in the chocolate bar.

Chocolate Molding

After grinding, mixing and tempering, the soft smooth chocolate paste is gently poured into various mold shapes, depending of our product line or special orders. Chocolate is left to naturally harden in mold before packaging.

Chocolate bar wrapping

We hand-wrap your chocolate ourselves, thus preserving its artisan style. It's an artwork, a delicious treat, available in our stores around the world, for your pleasure.

Our Mission

Make the best Chocolate
With integrity

The good seed

We are producers of Cocoa, we make the best choice in the quality of the plant and the fruit.

Respect for nature

Whether it's the cocoa we produce or what we buy from our suppliers, conservation agriculture is our standard.

A quality product

Our chocolate is produced, in excellent hygienic conditions with quality inputs. We guarantee the quality of our products.